Vehicle Defense Essentials- Coming Spring 2018

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IF you drive a vehicle, or ride in one armed, this class is for you at our unique range facility.

This course is a dynamic, scenario based,  defensive shooting program.

  • Firing from inside the vehicle, driver, passenger side, front and back seat.
  • Debussing from the vehicle.
  • The use of the vehicle as cover and concealment.
  • Penetration testing on doors and windows.
  • Weapon presentation from inside the vehicle.
  • Non-conventional shooting platforms.
  • Tactical shooting techniques.
  • Moving target engagement

Student Requirements: You will need 300 rounds of ammunition, eye and hearing protection, handgun, holster, minimum of three magazines, elbow and knee-pads are optional.

We will be teaching each student to shoot in, out, around and through vehicles.

Course Length is 2 days
Course cost is $300
Class size is limited to 16 persons, register early