The Shotgun is one of the most under-utilized, common firearms found in many personal and law enforcement inventories.

It is the most versatile and most powerful weapon deployed in many close quarters situations.

549507_198435793620230_1890731132_nThe Defensive Shotgun Course #1 is the first in a series of shotgun training courses in response to the public’s need for specific firearm training utilizing the shotgun in defensive situations.

This course is oriented toward the shotgun owner who is familiar with the operation of the shotgun and would like more than the basic training utilizing the Shotgun of their choice.


Topics Covered:
* Firearm safety, range rules and procedures
* Shotgun types, sights and individual characteristics
* Basic Operation, components and nomenclature
* Barrel characteristics, differences, uses and selection
* Ammunition characteristic, patterns, types and uses
* Distance considerations and round selection
* Loading, Unloading, slinging techniques
* Carrying techniques, safety considerations during deployment
* Shooting stance and Marksmanship fundamentals
* Shots down range vs. distance – Birdshot, Buckshot and slugs
* Firing on the move, reloading and Malfunction clearances
* Shotgun drills and practical exercise
* Cleaning, storage and firearm safety in the home

Course Level: Intermediate level operator
Students: 12 maximum
Length of Training: 8 hours
Class fee: $100.00

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