Course Description: This course is designed to introducethe student to live fire/low light shooting and flashlight techniques and the use of Laser sight products and give the student a rare opportunity to utilize these techniques

low_light_shootPerformance Objectives:

The student will:
• have a basic understanding of how the eye works under adverse light conditions.

• know safety considerations as they apply to laser sights.

• learn how to evaluate and choose a laser sight.

• learn to conduct basic marksmanship training with a laser sight or flashlight.

• learn how a laser sights benefits personal defense training.

• learn the advantages and disadvantages of a laser sight system.

• be able to incorporate numerous flashlight techniques while effectively firing a handgun against
single and multiple assailants.

• perform dynamic range exercises in low/diminished light and oscillating lighting conditions.

Course length: 8 hours
Course Cost: $100 plus ammunition
Student needs: minimum 100 rounds of carry ammunition, wraparound eye protection, hearing protection,
flashlight(s), clothing suitable to weather conditions

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