Verdad Investigation & Protection, Inc. was founded in 1996 and has more than 40 years of combined Law Enforcement and Private Investigative experience with business and personal clients.  Our agents include Retired and Ex-Law Enforcement, trained and licensed Firearms Experts and all our agents are NYS Certified Security Guards.

Our agents offer a diverse expertise using investigative techniques from using creative, ethical technology resources to old school “gumshoe” techniques.

Verdad will employ a variety of methods and sources to conduct a comprehensive investigation to legally uncover information through open sources and public records. Breaking the law to gather information will only cause more problems for us and our clients.

We can help you in the fields of expertise from:


Skip tracing (Nationwide)
Missing Persons
Matrimonial Disputes
Risk Assessment (Personal and Corporate)
Workplace Harassment and Violence 
Electronic Sweeping / Counter Surveillance
Corporate Internal Theft & Fraud Investigations
Child Custody
Auto Accident Investigations

Surveillance Services

Cheating Spousal Surveillance
Workers Compensation / Personal Injury Fraud


Computer Forensics (Data Recovery Services)
Cybersecurity Investigations
Cybersecurity Consulting


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