Section 89-G of Article 7A requires all persons engaged in security guard activities be registered with the New York Department of State (DOS), and complete all training (unless exempt) at schools approved by the Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS). The following training courses are required:

Security Guard (Unarmed)

  • 8 Hour Pre-Assignment Training – A general introductory and first required course.  Upon successful completion of this course the student is then issued a training certificate. This certificate must accompany the security guard’s registration application when submitted to the Department of State. Once the application is submitted, the guard has 90 days to complete the second training course. Cost $70.00
  • 16 Hour On-The-Job Training (OJT) This is the second required course relevant to the duties of guards, requirements of the work site, and the needs of the employer. This course must be completed within 90 days of employment as a security guard. This training program should be relevant to the guard’s duties, requirements of the work site, and the needs of the employer. Schools may conduct this training in an approved classroom setting or at an approved work site which is conducive to learning. Cost $140.00
  • Annual Training Requirement:
  • 8 Hour Annual In-Service Training This course must be completed each calendar year you hold a security guard registration. Your registration is issued for two years, therefore, you must complete two 8 Hour Annual In-Service training courses within your registration effective and expiration dates to be eligible for renewal. The third required training program is the Eight Hour Annual In-service course. This training must be completed each calendar year following completion of the 16 Hour OJT course. This program is designed to meet current training needs and refresh or update guards in changes in the security field. The guard must complete this course as a prerequisite for renewal of his or her guard registration. Cost $70.00

Armed Security Guard

  • Initial Training Requirements:
    • 8 Hour Pre-Assignment Training (Unarmed)
    • 16 Hour On-The-Job Training (OJT) (Unarmed)
  • 47 Hour Firearms Training Security guards who carry firearms are required to complete a 47 Hour Firearms course before they can be licensed as an armed security guard.  It is required to possess a valid NYS Pistol Permit and security guard registration. Upon successful completion of this course, the student must submit a copy of the certificate with your application for an armed guard registration upgrade.  This course includes seven hours of classroom instruction in the Use of Force (NYS Penal Law Art. 35) followed by a written examination, and 40 hours on the firing range followed by weapons qualification. Cost $700.00 plus ammunition
  • 8 Hour Annual In-Service Training and 8 Hour Annual Firearms Training – Armed guards must also complete the Annual In-Service and Eight Hour Firearms Training course which includes three hours of classroom refresher on the Use of Force followed by a written examination, and five hours of weapons qualification which includes a proficiency examination. The guard must complete these courses as a prerequisite for renewal of his or her armed guard registration. Cost $100.00 plus ammuniton

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